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With Endless Token (ET), gaming should no longer be considered as a form of escapism. Players will receive a certain amount of ET while playing games developed or published by Endless Game. By holding ET, players can earn lifetime dividends paid in tokens with real-life value (BTC, ETH, EOS, IOST, TRX, etc). 

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Our Games

Endless Casino*

* Endless Game is in the process of obtaining an online gamble license. 

Endless Gaming

Revolutionizing the Gaming Industry

Diversified Games

Endless Game provides players with a vast choice of games, from simple dGames like dice and poker to more engaging strategy and RPG Games. In the future, we will aim to launch real blockchain games every month to grow our game library.

Real-life Rewards

With our next-gen gaming platform, players can earn tokens with real-life value (ETH/BTC/TRX/IOST) by simply playing games. All ET holders will receive lifetime dividend from all games released by Endless Game.

Blockchain Game Publisher

With a vast user base, Endless Game is working with 10+ mobile game studio globally to bring their popular games onto blockchain. In the near future, Endless Game will also serve as a blockchain game publisher to help more developer transforming their games into dGames.

Anywhere, Anytime

Powered by the unstoppable blockchain machines, Endless Game provide players from different blockchain network with endless fun and joy with an universal platform and token (ET). Using advanced cross-chain solution, players will be able to receive and use ET throughout all major blockchains we support. 


About Endless

Team Endless consists of game enthusiasts, gaming industry veterans and experienced developers from Blizzard and Tencent. We are gathering this team to create top-tier games that leads to the massive adoption of blockchain technology.

We firmly believe that with the blockchain will revolutionize the entire gaming industry. With the distributed ledger technology and smart contracts, ownership of digital item, transparent and provable game system will completely redefine the meaning of “game”.



Ever since the launch of our first game, the team has been working aggressively to bring the mass adoption of blockchain games one more step closer. As our business grows, Endless Game will play multiple roles on the future blockchain gaming industry.




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